Music & Artist Agency (today operating under the name Music and Artist group= MAG) was created in 1992 under the premise to develop and convert worldwide custom-made conceptions for each and every single artist. Urgent for this is a close co-operation with each artist, to devise a success program that reflects his individual talents. Following this vision with all these full concept Artist Management activities, a successful enterprise has developed in the past 28 years and Music & Artist is able to present a worldwide exclusive artist roster.

At present one of these exclusive artists is Alex M.O.R.P.H., 1 of the consistent and popular DJs/Producers in the global Trance scene. Furthermore well-known names such as Woody van Eyden, Maarten de Jong, Corti Organ and others. Giving newcomers a great chance to explode, M&A started up careers for the ones like Andre ATB Tanneberger (who we made into a top 10 artist in the world ranking), Chriss Ortega, Re-Flex, Gian aka Kurt Maverick, Stoneface & Terminal, Dan Stone, Sandra Flyn and others.

Besides artist management another field of application of this company is the Artist booking and own brand events. On one hand M&A handles the artist booking and the handling of the appearances with travelling, accommodation, advertisement, support, etc. On the other hand the enterprise takes care of the organisation and realisation of Club events (such as the Clubbgroove Label Tours, D.I.S.C.O., Motion 2002, We Love ELECTRO 2007, various floats on the loveparade, HeavensGate, Universal Nation nights) and appearances and co hosted floors on big events & festivals (such as Creamfields Poland, Loveparade, Slinky Ibiza, World Club Dome, Tomorowland, Nature One since 2003, Mayday, Gatecrasher and many others) within the club scene sector.

The 3rd urgent sector of this company is the field of Music Management. With a powerful independent publishing company (A Forty Music Publishing), various inhouse labels (such as Universal Nation, HeavensGate, FENology and Cosmopolitan Flavour) and a full range social mediaconsultancy MAG is offering a very wide range of artist and music development with always a big focus on the creative side of our music business today!

Feel free to contact Music & Artist Group for your ideas and concepts and witness the professionalism of one of the most experienced teams in the dance music business.


Alex M.O.R.P.H.
VANDIT Records
Corti Organ
VANDIT Records
James Cottle
VANDIT Records
Maarten de Jong
Flashover Records
Nadi Sunrise
Universal Nation
Rene Ablaze
Redux Recordings
Sun & Set
High Contrast Recordings (Be Yourself Music)
Woody van Eyden

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